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The Austin trio Ume has come into there own faster than anyone could of expected this year. Playing multiple sets at Austin’s South By South West music festival helped create the massive buzz around the band. The bands debut EP, Sunshower, has received enormous amounts of critical acclaim from top publications and has been hailed as a real face-melter by WOXY’s The Futurist. Check a snippet of a live review below.

Singer-guitarist Lauren Larson looked like a wee slip of a girl, but was a ferocious frontwoman. She wasn’t all aggro and in your face – she was actually quite sweet and friendly between songs – but during the songs, her mission was to melt your face with her guitarwork. Equal parts stoner-heavy, grunge-sloppy and pop-melodic, watching her play while whipping around the stage like a dervish was awe-inspiring. And the fact that this was done in the context of excellent and compact songs.  (via chromewaves)

Larsen transformed from an unassuming audience member into a fierce, howling blur of angst-driven guitar riffs and undeniable sex appeal. With her bassist (and husband) Eric Larson and drummer Jeff Barrera supplying an aggressive rhythm section, Larsen began swinging her golden hair around in wild circles while shredding like few female rock guitarists can. This is part of the must-see quality that makes an Ume live performance such a hot ticket.(via soundcheck)

There is no doubt that Ume is going to be a staple in rock  for years to come. The band will be opening up for Mission of Burma on July 24th at 7:15. Make sure and get there early because this is one show you will not want to miss. Mission of Burma playing there first Dallas show ever is already epic enough, but adding Ume to the mix makes it an even bigger night.

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