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Tre Orsi is Italian for something. If you search around you will find that the band has planted that the meaning of their name comes from the phrases “young people… with faces”, “I prefer the grass to the concrete”, and others, but Tre Orsi is actually Italian for “three bears” a phrase that is appropriate for this young Denton trio. On their debut full length LP, Devices+Emblems released in 2010, Tre Orsi showed off two bear-like aspects of their sound: their ability to show extreme restraint and a gentle exterior contrasted by the speed with which that docile approach could explode into a fury of aggression and attack at a moments notice. Tre Orsi will be opening for post-punk legends Mission of Burma and Austin sensation UME at The Granada on July 24. Buy tickets here.

Tre Orsi builds slowly cresting songs full of layered guitar and thick basslines that can collapse into oceans of noise when a climax is reached. Often compared in style to Sonic Youth, Shellac, and similar tightly orchestrated noise rock bands, Tre Orsi have been impressing audiences with their highly developed sound and mature playing style. The band can show tremendous restraint in their compositions, with tightly wound guitar licks and hypnotic bass before they crack open the wealth of noise and washes of sound that is lying just beneath the surface. Unusually for a noise rock band however, Tre Orsi’s music is direct and to the point, an approach that fuels the adrenaline rush that accompanies their songs.

The band have been blowing audiences away with their tight, economical brand of experimental rock, delivering on the pop/rock hooks while providing a heft of artistic texture to color the experience. Co-leading vocalists Howard Draper and Matthew Barnhart show off their maturity and focus as singer/songwriters keeping things restrained with no nonsense songs that explode with intensity in the live setting. Drummer Brian VanDivier uses his laser like precision to drive songs like lumbering trains that can seemingly derail at any second but are kept directly on course by the incredibly high level of musicianship on display by the band.

Though Tre Orsi are in their beginning stages as a band, each member carries with them an impressive resume. VanDivier is a member of Denton supergroup South San Gabriel with members of Centro-matic, Draper has experience playing with veteran indie rockers such as Okkervil River, Shearwater, and Little Grizzly, and Barnhart is becoming one of the most sought after sound engineers working today with a list of past and current collaborators that includes St. Vincent, A.C. Newman of the New Pornographers, Shearwater, John Vanderslice, Jandek, The Baptist Generals, and The New Year in addition to being a former member of Little Grizzly. An impressive history undoubtedly that has come together to create music that feels natural but is firmly planned out and is being played by musicians who know their craft and are ready to impress audiences in the local area and across the country.

Tre Orsi are a young group who can be expected to go a lot further as time passes and for now, you can see Tre Orsi’s aggressive yet compact playing style on display for yourself when they open for Mission of Burma at the Granada on July 24, a band that no doubt inspired Tre Orsi in the first place. With what is becoming known as a formidable live show, Tre Orsi are sure to impress when they take the Granada stage, be sure to get there early! Buy tickets to see Tre Orsi open for Mission of Burma on July 24 right here.

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