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What do St. Vincent, Grizzly Bear, Washed Out, Beach House, Best Coast, Wavves all have in common? Hint: look at blog pic…

If you still don’t get it, we will go ahead and tell you. It is Gorilla vs Bear! All of these bands were brilliantly featured on GvsB before they ‘blew up the music scene!’

Check out the first Gorilla vs Band posts on these bands here:

On St. Vincent: “I’ve been telling anyone that will listen (and even those who won’t) about the inimitable Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent. […] I’ve been smitten by her infectious energy and unique and prodigious guitar-style.” Posted by Chris at GvsB in 2006!

On Grizzly Bear: “I’m still not sure how [Grizzly Bear] makes sweeping pop-folk this expansive and ‘huge’ feel so intimate and delicate and calming, but it’s a thing of beauty.” Posted by Chris in 2006!

On Washed Out: “More woozy, lo-fi bedroom dance pop from Columbia, South Carolina, courtesy of Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out. Bask in the warm, inviting glow of (possibly borrowed) nostalgia cast by the excellent “Feel it All Around,”  which somehow manages to feel both distant and fully engaging […].” Posted by Chris in 2009!

On Beach House: “The more I listen to Beach House’s hauntingly beautiful debut (every night lately), the closer it moves to the top of my year-end best albums list.” Posted by Chris in 2006!

On Best Coast: “Thanks to Porch of the Mystics for the heads up on this new “lazy haze” beach blanket lo-fi pop from Bethany Cosentino (formerly?) of Pocahaunted. Bethany’s calling the group Best Coast, and she says we can expect ‘songs about summer and the sun and the ocean and being a lazy creep,’ with ‘drums, beach boys bass lines, and other amazing things’ added by her friend Bobb Bruno.” Posted by Chris in 2009.

On Wavves: Wavves is a kid from San Diego named Nathan Williams. He is a fan of the Beach Boys, Beat Happening, and the Wipers, and that good taste is reflected on the fuzzy ‘beach punk’ slacker anthem ‘So Bored.'” Posted by Chris in 2008.

Clearly GvsB knows their stuff. And since we now know how ahead of the game everyone over at GvsB is, we can be sure that any show from a band they recommend is going to be pretty damn great. Want to be brilliant like everyone at GvsB? Then don’t miss out on seeing the groups at Gorilla vs Bear festival before they get any bigger!

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Here are some of the first posts by GvsB on all of the bands performing in the upcoming Gorilla vs Bear festival:

On White Denim: “Not sure how to describe this one, as it’s sort of outside of my musical frame of reference. But it kicks my ass, so just listen” Posted by Chris in 2006.

On Preteen Zenith: “[…] the debut of the new project from a Dallas icon and founder of one of the most beloved bands in the history of our hometown.” Posted by Chris in July of 2011.

On Shabazz Palaces: “A couple selections from the two best rap records I’ve heard so far this year: […] , and “Blastit” is taken from the self-released, self-titled EP from Seattle’s Shabazz Palaces (Ishmael Butler, formerly of Digable Planets).” Posted by Chris in 2010.

On Julianna Barwick: “This time, the artist is Julianna Barwick. The ever-polite Hydalgo tells us via email that Barwick is “an amazing, almost unkown, talented young woman. Imagine Panda Bear in love with choir music...” and based solely on the hypnotic looped vocals on this track, we’re inclined to agree.” Posted by Chris in 2007.

On Grimes: “Montreal’s Claire Boucher — aka Grimes — sent us her new Geidi Primes tape a while back, and while I somehow missed it until recently, it has quickly become an essential go-to late night jam.” Posted by Chris in 2010.

On Sleep ∞ Over: “Announcing the new Outer Limits 7″ single from Austin, TX, girl-gang/astral projectors SLEEP ∞ OVER, arriving next month on our Forest Family imprint. […] It’s a soulful, shimmering, lovesick dream-pop gem that evokes shades of Cocteau Twins and early Beach House, lifted by the group’s ghostly harmonies and their most heartachingly lovely melody to date.” Posted by Chris in 2010.

On Pure X: “Download both sides from the new split single from two of our favorite new Austin bands, including the previously blogged ‘Your World is Night.'” Posted by Chris in 2010.

On Sunset: “[Here’s] a Lee & Nancy-influenced, slightly ominous pop song from Austin, TX’s Sunset, featuring hushed call and response vocals from Bill Baird + the lovely Crystal Fulbright, accompanied by lilting organs and haunting strings.” Posted by Chris in 2010.

On Dreamed: Thanks to Defensive Listening for the heads up on Dreamed, the bedroom recording project of Denton’s Jessica Minshew. One of the stark “skeletons of songs” that she recently posted up on her Soundcloud page, “Izumi” elicits a hazy, soft-focus melancholy that sticks around longer than you’d expect.” Posted by Chris in May of 2011.

On DJ Sober: “The Black played a great (albeit too short) opening set, $elect and Sober proved why The Party is the best thing in North Texas, and Ratatat killed both their live set and their DJ set.” Posted by Chris in 2006.

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