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Once again, I am blown away by the amount of good music originating from our great state of Texas. The artist in mind today is the Austin-based group Pure X, who have recently had their song “Dry Ice” listed as one of GvB’s favorite songs of 2011 (so far). The lo-fi trio have garnered a wave of blog love following the release of their You’re In It Now EP.

Pure X (formerly Pure Ecstasy) are crafters of  beautifully simplistic fuzzy guitar melodies that are relaxed and colorful, creating songs capable of transporting you to a summery, beachy dimension. Something to keep in mind while listening to tracks from Pure X’s forthcoming LP, Pleasure, is that this album was recorded entirely live with no overdubs–not for the sake of saying they recorded the album this way, but for the sake of creative freedom and keeping a raw vibe. The result is something beautiful that needs nothing more than to be played to be fully appreciated.

If you’re looking for tracks to add to your “laying by the pool” mixtape, look no further. Check out this gem and preorder Pleasures (due out on 7/5) here.

Twisted Mirror by PURE X

In commemoration of GorillavsBear’s 6th anniversary, we are asking the GVB Fest performers 6 questions in 6 words that they must also answer in 6 words. Here’s what I got from Pure X.

What music are you currently digging?

unearthed field recordings of grave robbings.

Who are your favorite Austin artists?

alex jones, troller, survive, silent diane

What are your main music influences?

death, dreams, psychosis, neuroses, economic slavery.

Are you planning a Pleasure tour?

yes- only to amsterdam and tijuana.

Why was your band name changed?

legality is the question and answer.

What’s your favorite thing about Austin?

vampires, reptiles, trolls, demons, and angels.

pure x – you’re in it now from Scott Gelber on Vimeo.


Pure X is just one of the amazing music artists that will be performing at the inaugural Gorilla vs Bear Festival at Granada Theater on July 23, 2011. Get tickets and more information here.

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