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It’s not every day that you meet a 19 year old with the blues running through his veins. Even less frequent when that 19 year old has been known to outdo artists far beyond his years. Young guitarist/singer/songwriter Hunter Hendrickson has developed a spiritual link to the dirty roots of rock and roll that artists twice his age work their entire careers to achieve, taking influences from old masters like Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Hendrickson has been constantly in high demand throughout the Dallas area, playing notable venues like The House of Blues and The Kessler and on August 19, Hendrickson and his band will be opening for the Ian Morre band’s reunion show. Tickets can be purchased here.

Since he was a child, all signs have pointed towards Hendrickson’s emergence as a musician and songwriter. When he was eight years old, Hendrickson was given a guitar by his parents and quickly fell in love with the playing on Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Lenny”. From that point on, the young musician never looked back. Hendrickson developed a deep connection with the blues and jazz, but extended his tastes to include modern rock and pop as well. Though Hendrickson is a blues purist at heart, his ranging tastes in style show through his work as he puts his own personal stamp on all of his playing and songwriting.

Hendrickson is known not only for displaying impressive chops on the guitar however. The young artist puts on a blistering live show that has consistently left audiences with dropped jaws and clamoring for more. Showing a strong sense of artistic maturity with his commanding stage presence and deft improvisational skills, Hendrickson is completely in charge as his band made up of Jerry Saracini on drums and Dave DeShazo on bass rip through original compositions from The Hunter Hendrickson Band’s debut EP Behind the Notes and delve into dense jams and improvised interludes. Hendrickson’s guitar playing takes center stage as he shows off the blues he has entrenched himself in with riffs that can recall psychedelic blues gods Cream and Led Zeppelin and solos that hew closely to the style of traditionalist like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

In addition to his prowess on the six string, Hendrickson has proven himself to be a brutally honest songwriter on Behind the Notes. Beyond taking influences from the masters who came before him, Hendrickson pays close attention to the blues revivalists of today as well including artists like Doyle Bramhall, Derek Trucks, and John Mayer. With lyrics that cut with a gravity one would think should elude such a young artist, Hendrickson captivates listeners with his highly applicable and poignant songwriting style that gives him a link to modern pop/rock artists of today.

Hunter Hendrickson brings something for everyone from fans looking to be blown away by massive guitar solos and articulate jazz inflections to those wanting to connect with a song and take something away from the lyrics. As Hendrickson develops, he is only getting better, meeting rave reviews and hugely positive fan response. His live show is a sight as he and his band make the stage completely their own, playing off of each other in perfect harmony. Hunter Hendrickson is hardly your average teenager, hardly your average artist, and one who can certainly be expected to put on a show you won’t want to miss. The Hunter Hendrickson Band will be opening for The Ian Moore Band’s reunion show on August 19. Buy tickets here.

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