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We’ve got a busy schedule going at Granada Theater and with a full summer of concerts, it might be hard to stop, take a minute, and thank some of the people that make the magic happen. If you happen to catch any of our very cool flyers or bookmarks around town, we’re going to tip our hats off to Nova Niche! Creative’s Austin Terrill.

Not only does Austin print beautiful flyers, Nova Niche! is its own advertising company, also specializing in Design, Brand Management, and all that cool stuff advertising companies do. He worked with KHYI 95.3 to design their annual Texas Music Revolution festival. More personally and recently, though, he worked with Granada Theater’s Kimberley Jones to design her wedding programs, invites, menus, and all the nifty papers that contributed to her special day.

“Happiness is when reality exceeds expectation. Nova Niche’s work for us has done that for us and then some.” Michael McGarrah of The Dansonnott Group said.

When testimonials are astounding and all around positive, it’s hard for us not to thank the guy. Our flyers that keep you up to date with concert listings, posters that look spot-on with all the geeky Photoshop layers and designs, and stickers that you could stick on to anything (literally, they will stick to anything) are all thanks to Nova Niche! Creative.

Austin and Nova Niche! offer a lot of other products aside from printing (video editing, designing, PPC Management) but they do such a great job that we figured it’d only make sense to give them a token of our appreciation.

Visit their website and check them out, you’ll probably fall in love just as we did. Hearts.

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