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We’ve got some friends over here at Granada Theater who’ve decided to form a sweet band and name it New Magnetic North. If they’re not working hard at concerts here at Granada, Tim, Chris, Bryan and friends (Jacob and Bob) practice hard to attain their sweet prog-rock, metal tunes.

They put on shows regularly across the DF-Dub and try to “cause a little earthquake” to be shared between the band and audience, causing an “ever so slightly” alteration of the earth’s magnetic field, thus explaining the band’s figuratively rockin’ name.

New Magnetic North has made it to the top 10 and now, competing with 9 other bands, they’ll have the opportunity to open for 97.1 The Eagle’s Freakers’ Ball AND be featured on The Eagle’s Loud and Local. We know these guys are awesome and want you to help them out!

All you need to do is go to The Eagle’s Cabo Wabo Band Search contest site, enter your e-mail address, and proceed to vote! It might look fishy at first only entering your e-mail address, but trust me, all legitimacy. Also, don’t worry about getting spam e-mails, there are options to say no to those.

You have until JULY 3RD to vote for the top 3 bands, but let’s help them win this thing up until JULY 10TH. You can only vote once a day and must be 21+.

If you want to experience them live, however, they’ll be playing at The Curtain Club this Saturday. Here’s a cool clip so you can see the hardcore-ness that you’ll be witnessing.

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