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Dreamed (aka Jessica Minshew) has gone on to prove what most of us have already known–Denton’s music scene is thriving, and will continue to be synonymous with good music.

Recently releasing an album-sized collection of songs recorded in her bedroom, Jessica Minshew created a simplisticly lush repertoire crafted with a modern indie shoegaze style that flirts with the sunny sides of your imagination. The vocals on the tracks are sweet and free, often recalling Cults’ vocalist Madeline Follin. Most of Dreamed’s tracks consist of reverb-laden vocals and a heavy-filtered guitar, but don’t be fooled–this isn’t your typical singer-songwriter you see at the coffee shops; Dreamed connotes a more evocative feel that will make you aurally fall in love before you have the chance to consider it. Other tracks feature synth work and drum machines, like the stand-out track “Izumi” (embedded below), which gives off a Beach House feel.

With a delightfully hazy and [appropriately] dreamy sound that drips of summer days and polaroids, Minshew’s music could have no other better name than “Dreamed.” Do yourself a favor–grab your laptop and Ray-Bans and lay in the backyard while you enjoy this beautiful collection of songs.

We had a few brief questions supplied with a few brief answers by the lovely Ms. Minshew:

Who are your Favorite Denton artists?

Florene, Sarah Jaffe, Sex Tape, Old Snack, White Drugs, the Holler Time

What influences your music the most?

R. Stevie Moore, Sparklehorse, Robert Pollard, East River Pipe, Yo La Tengo, The Clean

What music are you currently digging?

Bon Iver, R. Stevie Moore, Porcelain Raft, Jesse Ruins, Washed Out

Do you have plans to tour?

Tentative plans only.

Any new songs on the way?

A few new songs, perhaps a new album


Dreamed is just one of the amazing music artists that will be performing at the inaugural Gorilla vs Bear Festival at Granada Theater on July 23, 2011. Get tickets and more information here.

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