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We know those Girl Talk and Cool Kids tickets flew out the window way too quick, but we want you to be able to catch these two killer acts and have fun with us that night! That’s why we are giving away the LAST TWO pairs of tickets so you can come, dance, get sweaty, and have a blast whilst doing so.

All you have to do (like the poster above says) is:
1) Like Granada Theater on Facebook. (LITERALLY, as simple as clicking a button.)

2) Purchase a ticket to Gorilla vs. Bear Fest on June 10th OR

3) A ticket to the Hard Summer Tour on June 14th

One winner will be picked each day. One of the perks, you’ll get a two-for-one deal. Double party! Until then, here are some live videos of Girl Talk and Cool Kids. Just so you’ll know what you’ll be in on the night of June 23rd.

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