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Sunset is one of those groups that is hard to keep track of unless you’re a fan or in the right place at the right time (that’s you!); simply Googling the band name will get you nowhere. However, this cloud of obscurity suits the musical musings of an artist such as Sunset, featuring lovely, colorful pop songs drenched in VHS sentiments.

Sunset (formerly known as {{{sunset}}}) is the brainchild of Austin, Texas native Bill Baird, who releases all of Sunset’s material on his record label Autobus. Baird creates music that sounds as if it were born for the lo-fi sound of the cassette tape, evoking colorful and wonderfully analog noises. With lush intertwined melodies and rhythmic elements galore, it isn’t difficult to enjoy Sunset; all of Baird’s songs are perfect summer concoctions for the indie-at-heart, and essential listening for Deerhunter fans. Sunset’s sunny-psych style is deep and deliberate, yet still wants to go outside and have fun. Evident in the numerous videos on his YouTube channel, Baird is obsessed with the 80’s generation of media, pairing his distinct music style with grainy Super-8 and video-cassette segments featuring himself mingled with obscure and forgotten video clips and graphics.

Sunset evokes a fuzzy, distant nostalgia, yet almost creates future nostalgia through a superbly positive listening experience. Sunset provides the perfect soundtrack for here and now, transforming the ever-present silver linings of life into some damn good tunes. You can pick up Sunset’s [amazing] latest album here.

In commemoration of GorillavsBear’s 6th anniversary, we are asking the GVB Fest performers 6 questions in 6 words that they must also answer in 6 words. Here’s what I got from Sunset.

What music are you currently digging?

First BeeGees album actually very good

Who are your favorite Austin artists?

Sam Sanford, Doug Sahm’s corpse, friends

How are your music videos inspired?

imperfection, old film, dislike of boredom

Did Sunset’s “name change” affect much?

why the quotes?  happy with change

How is the new record going?

which one?  all four sounding good

What’s your favorite thing about Austin?

coming back after a long absence




Sunset is just one of the amazing music artists that will be performing at the inaugural Gorilla vs Bear Festival at Granada Theater on July 23, 2011. Get tickets and more information here.


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