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Having released 6 full-length albums and 5 EP’s in a 5-year span, Portugal. The Man is one of the most productive bands in the indie music world. To promote their 7th album (no title yet) that is due to release on an undisclosed date next month, the band has been teasing fans weekly with 30-second clips of songs from their forthcoming album. They seem to have succeeded in building a significant degree of anticipation for their new release (see video comments), in addition to fueling hype for their current extensive tour. The YouTube videos containing the polished audio clips contain mountainous landscapes of ice and rivers, alluding to their original hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. The music enclosed within these videos even has me feeling teased; I like it but I want more.

Check out the clips below, then come to their show on May 20. [Tickets]


“Once Was One” – This one has that optimistic sing-along aspect of Portugal. The Man that we have all grown to love, yet hints at a hippie-esque almost psychedelic quality. Perfect for sunny days in summer.

“All Your Light (Times Like These)” – This Spoon-tinged song clip has me the most excited, showcasing Portugal’s original style with apparent rock influence. I really hope this song becomes the album opener, as it would be a perfect album mood setter (see: Sleeping Lessons).

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