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Ok, we just got 6 tickets released to us. We want to sell them to the 6 die hard fans that have to see the show.

You have an opportunity to PURCHASE the tickets for face value of $30. The only way to win the chance to buy is to Create something that shows your love for one of the bands or a specific song they play. Could be a Cut Copy diorama, a Foals comic strip…there are no rules….except one.

Just take a pic of your creation and post it!

We’ll pick the 6 winners who get to purchase 1 ticket each. And a complimentary Gig poster we had made for this show (pictured below).

Please post your entry here in the comments (link to a JPEG works) or on the Facebook. If you post in the comments please include your email address so we can reach you.

The contest winners will be chosen at 4pm, so that’s the deadline for entries.

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