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I dare you to listen to French Horn Rebellion‘s track “This Moment” and not to dance your ass off. Even for thirty seconds. That’s all it’ll take.
This Moment by French Horn Rebellion

According to their biography, Robert Perlick-Molinari was once the principal horn chair of the prestigious Northwestern University Symphony Orchestra, but became frustrated with the constraints and demands of such a position and partnered up with his brother David to create French Horn Rebellion. And boy are we glad he did. Fun fact: David co-produced and engineered MGMT‘s original “Time to Pretend EP.”

The music they create is both retro and futuristic synth-pop that sometimes flies off into psychedics and always keeps the beat moving. They’ll be playing right before Yelle here at Granada Theater on Thursday, April 21. This is definitely one for which you’ll want to show up early.

Opening the night will be Ross Edman, AKA DFW’s Datahowler, an artist for whom The Observer’s Daniel Rodrigue had kind words after a recent performance:

“…the night was perhaps most notable for the debut live performance by Datahowler whose catchy instrumental, genre-bending soundscapes mix downtempo and ambient electronic sounds with elements of hip-hop, sci-fi and, yeah, with a little dollop of chillwave…the crowd was cheering and clapping between the songs. Sometimes hollers of approval erupted from the audience mid-song as Edman’s fingers danced across his equipment recreating his sleazy sci-fi bump-and-grind tracks…. But whether it was the up-beat songs or the ambient/experimental movements, all of the material seemed to capture a very hook-heavy, spaced-out vibe with a bit of a nu-disco feel.”

I hear we have some intense visuals to look forward to from Datahowler as well. Here’s his crazy Dorrough vs. Bassnectar mashup of “Ice Cream Paint Job” to get you in the mood:
Ice Cream Paint Job (Dorrough Music Vs. Bassnectar) by Datahowler

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