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The Naked & Famous are a New Zealand based group who create euphoric, bombastic, sing-along summer anthems. It is synth based 80s revivalist pop at its finest. It’s clear to tell on songs like “Young Blood” and “Punching in a Dream” that TN&F went to the same hook writing school as The Ting Tings, Passion Pit, and “Kids-era” MGMT.

Named after a line in a Tricky song, the based is based around the boy-girl pairings of vocalists Thom Powers & Alisa Xayalith. Since that initial formation in 2008, they’ve added other members to play live. They are the first band playing on the HUGE Cut Copy / Foals / Holy Ghost! show (April 20th). NME has been championing this group as one of the breakout bands of 2011. In their review, NME wrote of the song “Young Blood”, “…it’s got a chorus so glacially perfect that it deserves to skate around the higher reaches of the chart for just as long a time…“.

This is one of the biggest show this spring. Be sure to get there early to see ALL four bands!



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