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This is a new series on the Granada blog that features the opening bands. Opening bands can be a pleasant surprise. One day you are watching a band with a couple hundred people and the next thing you know they’re playing the Grammys. MGMT Frightened Rabbit, The Avett Brothers and Matt & Kim have all been opening bands here. So come early! You never know, you could be seeing the next big thing.

Leg Sweeper is a Dallas-based, drums & guitar, punk rock duo. Their songs are high energy and often times at their live shows you think the band is having just as much fun as their fans. Leg Sweeper gets in your face, they bounce around, and they want you to sweat right along side them. It’s a fun, youthful sound packed into songs that usually don’t last longer than 2 minutes. Imagine a mix of Wavves, early Weezer, and Red Bull.

It hasn’t taken long, but Leg Sweeper is already considered one of Dallas’s most fun live acts. As Nick from the Indie-Verse once wrote, “Surprisingly good drumming and a full sound that is sometimes hard for a duo to achieve. I just can’t say enough about Leg Sweeper.”

Leg Sweeper will be opening up for The Adicts March 22nd. Sweep the leg!


Leg Sweeper from Theresa Moher on Vimeo.

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