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Hayyyy watup mah little poodlez. KING George hurr. Mikey Vick haz yet to brake n2 mah castel. Pretty sure he red mah last doggie bloggie. Scurred him away! So happie wiff mahself 🙂

Guardin the house gives me free time to watch utube viddys n i saw one that rlly upset me. Its a vid of a baby monkee ridin on a scurred little piggie. Wats up wiff dis pig? Dont understnd y he jus lets this dirty monkee use him as hiz perzonel taxi. The pig trys hiz bestest 2 get da monkee off but no luck.

If dat were me, i’d tell that monkee to gtfo. Im not a horse! Pigz r not horses. Monkees need to learn manners and respekt. Check the viddee out below. George OUT!

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