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Speaker Line-Up for Ignite Dallas 3

Paul Drew – Intelligence – Are you as smart as you think you are? @SolarCurve

The differences between natural learners and students of a craft. What happens when you get both, and why the perception that technologists are smart is a lie.

Shari Caldwell – Frida Kahlo is my BFF! Meeting and supporting emerging artists TODAY

My passion is to introduce the idea of collecting art into our daily conscience. Hate to repeat the cliché, but when money is tight art funding is the first thing to go. Dallas has a vibrant, hidden pool of unseen and under-represented emerging artists whose works are fresh, fun, different, and CHEAP. Eager to share, they are approachable rather than pompous, and my wish is to encourage people to meet them; buy from them; follow them–this is the most direct and exciting way to support the arts.

Kace Philips – Tour 2.0: Confessions of an Addict @KaceWrangler

Music is my passion, and within that, my passion is following the band Widespread Panic. In speaking at Ignite, I would like to discuss what life is like on tour, the people you meet, the places you see, and how social media has changed this landscape forever. No longer are tapes traded and setlists found in bound books, rather live shows are shared (via SendSpace, etc) and setlists are tweeted by the band. Plus, many more “tour innovations” thanks to the glory of social media!

Melody Harstine – Big Dreams, Little Boat @MelodyHarstine

Teamwork and education leads to opportunity. My vision is to develop RowDallas, a high school rowing program for Dallas girls targeting DISD students. The program would teach girls self-confidence and discipline through training and competition in rowing. Additionally, it would offer academic support, tutoring and college prep. Modeled after RowNewYork, which has seen 100% of graduates from the program go on to college. A unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Dallas kids.

Terri Maxwell – Business & Career Trends for the Social Digital Decade @Succeed_Purpose

Business & Career Trends for the Social Decade: Learn fascinating trends for how Social/Digital Media and Convergence will change careers, as well as what can be learned from Generationalprenuers™ AND The Mega Career Trend for 2011.

Libby Spears – What’s YOUR Plan BE? @bravoplanb

The shelves of Barnes and Noble are littered with titles on how to achieve your ultimate version of success and yet surveys repeatedly find that the Average American is more stressed out, tired, unhealthy and unhappier than ever before? Sounds like a conundrum. In “What’s YOUR Plan BE?” Libby Spears shares her own ideas on success minus the cost of a new book that will gather dust on your bookshelf. You will laugh and learn in just five minutes with only 20 slides. Shamon!

Mike Orren – The Prison Entrepreneurship Program @mikeorren

Texas has more prisoners per capita than any other state, and most countries in the world. Generally, our system only serves to teach prisoners how to be better criminals, bringing nearly half back to prison within three years. The Prison Entrepreneurship Program shows another way, both for Texas and for the rest of the world. The stats are amazing: Less than 8% recidivism; 98% employment and more than 80 new businesses operating. But the human stories of change are even more amazing…

Valerie Maniscalco – Redheads @valerielm

Red Heads 4% of the world’s population brings much fascination to the remaining 96%. Being a part of that 4%, this natural redhead will use 20 slides to dispel rumors, clarify myths and provide insight to how such a small sect of society had contributed more than just posing the question “does the carpet match the drapes?”

David Weaver – Gaining through RIDding @planboy

What would happen if you gave away one item you own every day for a year? You might just learn something about yourself. A story of ridding and gaining.

Dave Lieber – Watchdog Nation @DaveLieber

As The Watchdog columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, I began by solving everyone else’s problems with scammers and corporate thieves. Now I realize I can show others how to do what I do. Be your own watchdog and protect yourself, your family and your business from trouble for the rest of your life. I founded Watchdog Nation to show Americans how to be the superhero in their own life. I offer five core principles of Watchdog Nation that are so simple – and free – that everyone can use.

Patton Gleason – Running & Happiness @naturalrunstore

What would happen to my life if I trained for happiness the way I train for a big race? What could happen to my running if I approached it the same way I seek a happier life. Running and happiness are two intrinsic actions we are born to do, yet mastery of either can be elusive. We’ll explore a simpler and organic approach to dominating both.

Ashley Baxter – Communications Gone Wild – The New Voice of Business @Baxie404

Our society now accepts slang, improperly formatted content, and profanity as a part of regular communication. From marketing campaigns to the boardroom, the messages we put forth have evolved from polished and authoritative to gritty and raw. Let’s explore what is happening as we become more casual in our conversations and professional filters fall to the wayside.

Catherine Mitchell – Three Essential and Shocking Things that Everyone Who Writes, Texts, Updates, Blogs, or Tweets Must Know @catherineonline

Sure, it’s the age of technology, with near-instantaneous communications tools at our very fingertips. But technology can’t make up for indecorous, nefarious, or inept input. Everyone who taps out messages, expecting results, must keep these three indispensable principles in mind. Or suffer the tragic consequences: ignominy and death. Not necessarily in that order.

Tiffany Monhollon – Surviving a Day in the Life of a Cyborg Professional @tmonhollon

Are we really all cyborgs now? If so, what does that mean for today’s knowledge worker? Constant connectivity. Never-ending to-to lists. Secondary lives. Work shifting. Ambient intimacy. How can the modern professional find the focus they need to survive the workday and finish with a sense of accomplishment? Bring your external brain and get ready to better understand – and fight! – the plight of the cyborg professional.

Lance Manning – Defining the Entrepreneur @LanceKManning

The word “entrepreneur” conjures up many meanings. But, what does this term really mean? In my speech at Ignite Dallas, I will explore the origins of the word, its definition, and usage. I’ll convey from my own experience what an entrepreneur is and is not. In this day of teetering economies and pension-less career tracks, the entrepreneur exhibits creativity, initiative, and bold undertakings to build wealth, create jobs, and champion free enterprise.

David Burrows – Why You Should Own A Dog  @DMBurrows

Sure they are man’s best friend, but did you know dogs add years to your life? And did you know we share more DNA than you’d ever imagine? Find out why you should be the proud owner of one of the canine bunch.

Mouyyad Abdulhadi – 24 Years, 24 People, 24 Lessons – How we can learn more from those around us @MouyyadA

In November I wrote an ebook highlighting 24 people I met in my life and 24 lessons they have taught me. The theme of my talk will be that we can learn numerous lessons from those around us and we dont need to rely on the famous people or experts to guide us.

Steve Ennen – Deriving Business Intelligence from Social Media. @EnnenSS1

There’s a lot more at work in social media than catching-up with friends on facebook; new channels create multiple, new business opportunities. Steve spent years instructing students and executives at the Wharton School on how to use social media for actionable and profitable ends and believes success in today’s environment demands social media-savvy companies.

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