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The flowers will die, chocolate will get eaten, champagne will only get you so buzzed,  and c’mon- how many times have y’all been out to dinner? More importantly, dudes that buy these gifts are just unoriginal!

Or are you just too hipster to celebrate a holiday that is created by greeting card companies?

Either way, chicks want to be SURPRISED. You know what the best way to do this is? Concert tickets to a band she will love!

It’s something original, tailored especially to her musical tastes, and a date to a show with good food and great bar will give you far more stories to remember than a boring dinner at Olive Garden, or wherever you were planning on going…

But by picking a show that fits your girl, you are showing her that you actually KNOW who she is and what she is into, rather than just dropped 10 bucks Walgreens on the way because you ran out of time.

Now obviously all of our shows would make great gifts- but here are my suggestions of upcoming shows to really win her heart.

For the hipster, artsy girl or guy- gotta go with the show that everyone is buzzing about–CSS & Sleigh Bells.

A close runner up would be a show in which you can impress her of your knowlege about the bands- Sebadoh (Lou Barlow of Dinosaur JR) w/ Quasi (they used to be Ellott Smith’s backing band) and great dallas band Dovehunter. Even better- it’s the Friday after Valentine’s Day, so you won’t have to wait!  Other GREAT options- Walkmen, Devotchka, Pete Yorn, Ravonettes or The Kills.

For the busy wife or mom (or husband or dad) who used to party- show her a night to remember her rockin past!! — Hard Day’s Night is one of Dallas’ best Beatles cover bands, and she will have a blast being able to cut loose, dance and know every single song! This is a great pick if your sweetheart is a big music lover, but may no longer be up on every hip and cool band of the moment.

For the rocker chick– take her to a show that showcases some badass chicks- Liz Phare, Ravonettes, The Kills, or Sleigh Bells

For the country gal or guy- she needs a show to wear her boots, let loose and have a good time.  He wants to drink some beers and get down. Try- Junior Brown
and Todd Snider.

The intellectual/ artisttry artsy rock band- Mogwai in May. (Nothing is better than anticipating a show!)

For the guitar fanatic- check out the viruoso’s that will blow his mind- Tab Benoit, or Leo Kottke or a band that just rocks the place out like Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights or

The hip hop or dance fan (or just like to PARTY)– Mix Master Mike and the DJ battle of course!!! This night is going to be insane.

For the 80’s lover- Psychedellic Furs or Colin Hay!!

So no excuses! Get those tickets now!!!

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