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Hey watup my little pooches. How abt this crazeeee wedder we jus had? OMG i luv snow. It was soooo much fun to run around in.

I evn eatd a lilbit and yumyum. Tht wuz a gud day. Made me all most 4get bout the bad news i hurd the othr day that mikey vick was given a KEY TO DA CITY. No he didnt steel da key. Some dum catlover gave him a key. Now if you dont know wut a key to da city is, it pretty much unlocks everee door to everee house. This iz da worst


I ask all my doggie fwends (roxy, general, whitey, ralphy, & bronson) to be on the lookout for mikey vick. this man cannt be trusted with a key to our houses. He wll come whn our masterz r away @werk. So we need to train and defend ourselves. This guy is worse than SNACKS da CAT. Way worse.

This may be my last doggie bloggie. If it iz, i luv you all. keep the good fite dog-fort.

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