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The reputation for some of  Primetime television is pretty rough. Some shows are over-acted, over-payed, and just plane cheesy. One of the pluses for Primetime TV  is what the placements do for musicians. In a time where the music biz isn’t near where it use to be due to illegal downloading and other illegal actions, placements on TV shows have really brought a new life into the biz.  Have you ever heard a song that you thought was damn catchy and you just had to look it up and see who it was? I sure have and I’d bet you have too. From the intensity and situation happening in the scene you connect with the song playing emotionally:  A melodramatic love song playing during a love scene.  the placements in the shows have really helped the music business.

Zach Braff, who played J.D Dorian on the former primetime Scrubs, has been credited with bringing many unknown musicians to near stardom.  Artists such as Joshua Radin, Ingrid Michaelson, and  William Fitzsimmons have all credited Zach Braff with helping their careers sky rocket by him getting their music on Scrubs. Another thing Braff has been credited to is introducing younger generations to music that has been around long before their time. Collin Hay, former front man of Aussie power-pop band Men At Work, has now ventured out on a very successful solo career which he will showcase at The Granada Theater on March 2nd.  Braff used his song very regularly in Scrubs and one of them even landed on Grammy Award winning soundtrack for the movie Garden State, which Braff wrote.

This is from one of the more well-known and intense scenes of the series and definitely brought Hay’s music to a broader audience.

Colin Hay will be at The Granada Theater on Wednesday, March 2nd  for more info and tickets click here

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