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Sup everydoggy.  How wuz yalls holiday brake? Mine was sooo much fun! Got a new leash for xmas, partied hardy on new years lol, joind the ranks of DOG FORT and dizcoverd this thing calld SNOW. It wuz sooo much fun 2 play n!!

That wuz a good day. Dogs know how 2 partee. We’re not lame-ohs like cats. Especially Snacks the Cat.

That guy thinks hes so cool cause he got all his lozer fwends in the new Best Coast video “Crazy For You”.  I think i went crazee watchin this videe.   I liked da song but those dum cats. Im kinda surprized that coffeez & teaz cat didnt run over bethanee’s foot! If I was n charge id fire them all for doing such a crappy job lol.

Speeakin of Bethanee. I still luv her so much and cannot w8 to see her again monday. I’m hoping to leave a better impreshun on her then last time. Surely she will finally see the light, give dum-ass Snacks away, and admit she really <3s dogs AND meeeeeee.  maybe she’ll even let me nibble on snacks a little bit hehe nom nomnom.
cmon bethanee, how could you resist how furry and cute i am.

Come see me & bethanee monday 1/24

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