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Ume – The Conductor from uswemei on Vimeo.

This Will Destroy You w/ The Boom Boom Box and Ume – Friday, Jan. 21 – BUY TICKETS

“Ume, a hard-driving power trio from Austin, TX, has managed to distill its brand of melodic, hooky rock through the filter of singer/guitarist Lauren Larson’s strong, but intimate vocals to fashion a five-song record that should set a new standard for what it means to be an intensely committed indie band.” —

“Featuring a totally hot, totally married, willowy pixie frontgirl who slays the guitar and screams so fiercely, she makes every axeman on Red River look like a complete pussy. Seeing Ume live is an experience where you are completely transfixed by the terrifying power of someone who is like the sexy version of Janis Joplin. Oh yeah, and I think there are a couple of dudes too, who play instruments and stuff.” — Misprint Magazine

If you’ve seen Ume live, you’ve probably been temporarily transfixed by singer/guitarist Lauren Larson’s physical presence. A low purr turns into a gruff growl, and once she really gets going, pummeling her guitar and letting the unnnnhhh into her voice, her body and head seem to unhinge, and her blond hair whirls in dizzying circles. Possession is an understatement. Rounded out by drummer Jeff Barrera and husband/bassist Eric Larson, the trio balances vertiginously on the loud-quiet-loud dynamic, and it makes for a wham-bam of a live show. — Audra Schroeder, Austin Chronicle

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